Discourse Event (Official) v. Events Plugin (Pavilion)

We are getting ready to create an events calendar in our Discourse instance, and I am trying to choose between Discourse Event and the Events Plugin.

Reading the Events Plugin thread, the impression I got was that Pavilion recommends using the official Discourse Calendar and Discourse Event plugin when possible [1].

On the other hand, it doesn’t look like Discourse Event provides an iCalendar feed for the event calendar yet—which is a great, and in my view, essential feature of the Events Plugin. Is this really the case, or have I completely missed how to activate this feature? :blush:

I am also wondering what the disadvantages of starting to use the Events Plugin at this point would be. Two that I can think of are: i) If it is discontinued in the near future, we would have to migrate to the official plugin ii) Since the Events Plugin is not official, there is a greater chance that it can break (or cause a Discourse rebuild to fail) as new Discourse versions are released.

Thoughts and suggestions from users of these plugins would be greatly appreciated :grin:

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Hey @agungor :slight_smile:

I can confirm that there is no chance the Events Plugin will be discontinued in the near future. Actually the opposite, we’re gearing up to launch business-grade subscriptions for it.

As we’re gearing up to launch a subscription-version of the plugin we’re very conscious of this risk and have a long history of successfully managing it.

Feel free to reach out to myself or @RGJ if you have any further questions about the Events Plugin.


Happy to hear that, @angus! I am not concerned as long as the plugin is being actively developed :blush: Thanks for clearing that up.


I saw you are, maybe, the main developer of of calendar plugins; I’m looking for support to get ical or rss feeds on the run. I’ve a client ID and an API key but no way to get it synced with e.g. google calendar which I installed via URL.
Is there a doc file with instructions? The old link-adress where this should be explained doesn’t exist anymore. Btw I’m only user/moderator without admin rights on our discours platform.
THX in advance.

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