Events Plugin 📆

If you’re on the latest version of the plugin and Discourse tests-passed, when you click the links they’ll be copied to your clipboard. You’ll see a little green flag next to the modal (above it on mobile)

See further

You can see it working here

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I see, thank you!

Maybe the mouse pointer needs to change on hover to indicate that this is a possibility?

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This plugin is breaking the reply preview


… and other functions, when the reply / post has been initiated by clicking the grey “Reply” button of a previous post.
@angus , @fzngagan Thanks for what you can do!


I’m also having the same issue on a public category. The below is all I see — no subscribe button is visible. I tried from other accounts as well.

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Hey @kday that’s a screenshot from this plugin (a different plugin)


Hi all, it seems to me as if this plugin is currently breaking image upload - (with apologies in case of any misdiagnosis) - admittedly I was using the angusmcleod/discourse-events github version rather than the paviliondev.discourse-events so it may simply be an out-of-date version?

Composer stalls on “Processing Upload” - support - Discourse Meta


I am / was using the /paviliondev/discourse-events version and it’s broken composer image uploads capability (or I should say the newest version of Discourse has broken itself against the events plugin.) Please advise.

I am now reverting back to 2.9.0.beta8 vs 2.9.0.beta9, tested on other environments, 2.9.0.beta8 and events plugin together allow image uploads through the Composer WYSIWYG again.


It looks like it’s down again. I need some instruction on how to setup an ical reader (possibly a Telegram bot).

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@angus Is there any news on this?

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Hello all!

Thanks for your patience. I’ve fixed the outstanding issue with this plugin. It’s working as normal on v0.1.1.

This is the official (Pavilion) word on what will happen with this plugin, in the order in which each will occur.

  1. From now (until 4, below) will again be providing support to this plugin. If you report issues here we will respond.

  2. This plugin’s functionality will be merged into the coming Discourse Events Integration Plugin, which is due for release in late October.

  3. All data from this plugin will be automatically migrated into the new DEIP plugin.

  4. Once the DEIP is launched, this plugin (i.e. the Events Plugin) will be archived.


Not sure if this is already being considered, but having multiple topics for a single event and listing them under a main event page would be a very nice feature.

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This will be possible with the new Discourse Events Integration Plugin, which will be released in late October, but it won’t be a feature in v1.


The bug report URL listed on GitHub was not working, so please let me discuss it here.

Bug Summary: Unable to participate in events.

Steps to reproduce the bug: Create an event with n MaxGuests.
A user presses the Going button n+1 times without refreshing the page.
Then a 500 error occurs.
After that, that user and all other users will not be able to go to the event.

Also, when you first visit a topic, the button changes color when you check the “Join” checkbox, but when you uncheck the “Join” checkbox or visit a topic a second time and press the “Join” button, the button does not change color. (However, I am able to join and cancel.)

Is this a problem only in my environment?

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Thanks for the report.

I’ve updated the link in the GitHub readme to the same one in the OP:

I’ve addressed this issue. Please update to version 0.1.2 of the plugin and try again.

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Thanks for the quick response.
I just finished checking and confirmed that the problem has been fixed. Thank you!

Let me check one more thing.
The following image is a modal for editing an event on an already created topic.
Ignore the Japanese translation.

The next image shows an attempt to edit an already created event.

There were two participants in this event.
“テスト” and “Programmer-D”.
However, when you open the edit window like this, it shows “テスト,Programmer-D”, as if it were a single user.

In fact, if I complete the edit in this state, all existing participants will be disqualified, and I will have to visit the topic again and press the Join button.

I would appreciate it if you could confirm whether this is also a problem or a bug in my environment.
Sorry for all the questions with my poor English, but I would appreciate your help.

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Thanks for report. I’ve also fixed this issue. Please update to version 0.1.3 of the plugin.

Please submit any further issues through the bug report form. Issues reported here will be directed there:

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Thank you very much.
I was able to confirm the fix.

Sorry I am not familiar with this. I will try to use that from now on.


Hi all!

A question regarding discourse-events API, what is the purpose/usage example of the WebCal API keys ?
From the thread, it seems to subscribe to private forums although I’m not entirely sure how the mechanism would work.

Is there a preference setting to disable the feature for generating API keys ?
(discourse-events/event-webcal-keys.js.es6 at main · paviliondev/discourse-events · GitHub)
Currently, if you visit while logged in, you will automatically generate a new key (it will show up in the user generated API keys list).


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Issue: A few weeks ago our community noticed that the Events Calendar is broken. They are unable to click on an event and few the topic details.

I am on version 0.1.3 of the Events plugin and on version2.9.0.beta10 of Discourse.

Any ideas what could be the cause? Thanks!

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