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Guys, I’ve started working on a migration script from the Events plugin to the Official Discourse Calendar events plugin. Its starting to look good, but I need some feedback to get it to a stage where it is production ready.

Its sitting on a branch migration currently.

Here’s the info:


Hi @angus. I’m struggling to get an effective side-by-side comparison between of functionality this and the now official Discourse events plugin.

I’ve use your impressive events pluggin on one site and am pleased with how that’s worked. Are they compatible if I migrate from one to the other or will I lose the events?

I’ve recently started another site and I’m wondering whether I’d be better using the official one. I’m on a hosted forum so would need to ask to swap out plugins. Is there a post of blog comparing the features somewhere? I’m worried by the implication this version will no longer be supported or developed.

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With good reason - as per Angus in the OP:

We made the move ages ago. Unfortunately the Discourse team has had other priorities and have not been working on the Discourse Events plugin for a while. Many of us are impatiently awaiting some more development as we see the potential!!


Hey @Rhidian,

@fzngagan Is currently working on, and getting close to completing a migration script to transfer events from our plugin to the Discourse Event plugin. You can follow the progress on that here

As @nathankershaw mentioned, our poicy for the plugin, as stated in the OP is that we encourage people to consider the other plugin as we won’t be actively developing this plugin. We will be maintaining it in its current state for the foreseeable future, however as we are supporting some specific use cases that are not supported by the other plugin. If that plugin adds support for those use cases we will deprecate this plugin entirely and migrate some folks to the other one, using the migration script that Faiz has been working on.

We use the Discourse Event plugin internally, not this one. Personally, I also think it’s a better plugin from a technical perspective.

The closest thing to that is this post of mine


Thanks @angus That’s very helpful.

Another issue is that when you have a lot of people RSVP’ing, the css breaks.
This is what I have:

I think you intended to post it to 🗓 Discourse Event

yes indeed. sorry for the noise. please remove if possible. thanks!

@angus does the plugin work with tags and tags intersection?

I will read through while I await your response.

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I’ve noticed that the development of the Event features in the Discourse Calendar plugin appears to have stopped. You’ll note that it is now referred to as ‘alpha’:

While it was looking very promising, and indeed we abandoned this plugin for it, it is missing a couple of key features which really limits its utility. They are:

  1. Interacting with a user’s email calendar via pushing out .ics files
  2. A richer way of displaying all events.
  3. General spit and polish

Would you consider reviving this plugin? Or even better, looking at doing some work on Event features in the Discourse Calendar plugin ?

I believe (perhaps naively) that we could raise funds to do this.


I don’t believe we will be doing further work on this plugin but we do definitely have plans to do additional work on the Events piece. I have opened that other topic so that we can continue discussion.


I don’t know if this is a bug or if I am missing some kind of integration, but how is the Subscribe button supposed to work? When I click it I see two (partial) URLs but I am unable to interact with this in any way?


If you’re on the latest version of the plugin and Discourse tests-passed, when you click the links they’ll be copied to your clipboard. You’ll see a little green flag next to the modal (above it on mobile)

See further

You can see it working here

I see, thank you!

Maybe the mouse pointer needs to change on hover to indicate that this is a possibility?

This plugin is breaking the reply preview

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… and other functions, when the reply / post has been initiated by clicking the grey “Reply” button of a previous post.
@angus , @fzngagan Thanks for what you can do!


I’m also having the same issue on a public category. The below is all I see — no subscribe button is visible. I tried from other accounts as well.

Hey @kday that’s a screenshot from this plugin (a different plugin)


Hi all, it seems to me as if this plugin is currently breaking image upload - (with apologies in case of any misdiagnosis) - admittedly I was using the angusmcleod/discourse-events github version rather than the paviliondev.discourse-events so it may simply be an out-of-date version?

Composer stalls on “Processing Upload” - support - Discourse Meta


I am / was using the /paviliondev/discourse-events version and it’s broken composer image uploads capability (or I should say the newest version of Discourse has broken itself against the events plugin.) Please advise.

I am now reverting back to 2.9.0.beta8 vs 2.9.0.beta9, tested on other environments, 2.9.0.beta8 and events plugin together allow image uploads through the Composer WYSIWYG again.

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