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I’ve had the same idea and presented it to the Pavilion team a couple of months ago. Not sure where they are at with it though.

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I did a round of updates this week, and noticed that for our site the Calendar button has returned, but not the Agenda button. Is that expected or completely by coincidence? :slight_smile:

Actually, I rebuilt the app container again today (I was adding another plugin) and now I see them both - I hope they stick around, but for now at least the issue seems fixed :slight_smile:

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Yup - it has been fully addressed:



i do have some issue here… and i dont know why… (i’ve just installed the plugin today)

if i create an event with :

[event start=“2023-03-27 19:30” status=“public” name=“KK Diskurs Q&A - IT Workshop” timezone=“Europe/Berlin” end=“2023-03-27 23:30” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0”]

It shows this:

the times are wrong…
settings are…

events timezone default

(GMT+01:00) Berlin

Standard Zeitzone für Veranstaltungen.

events timezone display

Event timezone, if set and different from default timezone.

Timezone used to display event times in.

How can i fix it? I dont get it yet…

Thank you for any help <3

I believe the plugin you are using is Discourse Event [1] rather than the Pavilion Events Plugin, which this thread is about. :blush:

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…aaawww :rofl: - could be… sorry :pray:

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Thanks @nathank that’s great.

New question! I have an event in UTC-3 which has raised a question about display timezones. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but is there an option to display events in the local user’s timezone (if set)? I can see that this is used for event creation, but for display it only has variants on “default” or “event timezone”.

I’d be happy with using “Event timezone if set” but that also applies to the calendar view which does not display tz. We have events in many zones, so that would get very confusing if we set it. Being able to view the agenda/calendar in my timezone would make more sense but I can’t see an option for it (apart from downloading the ical to my external calendar, of course)

I’m pretty sure that is what you get if you set ‘default’. My understanding is that each user gets their own default, i.e. usually their timezone. Of course, they may have set a weird timezone.

Why not just put the local time of the event prominently in the post body, making it clear that is what it is?

Yes :slight_smile:

@RGJ is Pavilion’s product lead on the release of v2 of the Events Plugin which will include this plugin and a number of other improvements.

We actually (just today) got our final report card from the EU’s DAPSI program for our work on this plugin.

Criterion 1 – Business Evaluation Score (0,00 – 20,00) 17
Criterion 2 - Technical Evaluation Score (0,00 – 50,00) 40
Criterion 3 – Assistance Trainings Score (0,00 – 10,00) 10
Criterion 4 – Participation in Final Event Score (0,00-20,00) 20
TOTAL Score (0,00-100,00) 87

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about launching v2 of the Events Plugin with all of this work included!


Still hoping for November 2022 release :innocent:

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Hey @Nick_Tomlinson please reach out to us here


Hey Angus, I filled in the Wizard form at last week. But nothing happened subsequently.

Was I meant to get access to something?

I’d really like to discuss stuff about how events might work as I’ve got a pretty solid use-case that I fear will fall outside the current scope.

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Hey @nathank,

There was a bug on the form which we’ve since fixed. Sorry about that!

If you fill it out again we’ll get back to you. Excited to hear about your use case.


I’m afraid that I’m getting this when I try to redo the form:

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Oops. Fixed. Try again.


Thanks again Pavilion team,
I find it not so obvious to connect to an iCal provider that is nor google and outlook (in my case, our own nextcloud). Documentation seems to be truncated on paragraph iCalendar

iCalendar providers don’t require any authentication, so you can just add one by selecting “icalendar”, giving it a name and saving the provider. If you’re integrating multiple

Were there more instructions ?

I don’t understand why the link providing the ics file ( http://[DOMAIN-NAME]/remote.php/dav/calendars/[USER]/[CALENDAR-URI]/?export [e.g.]) does not work ( Finished importing from ***. Retrieved 0 events, created 0 events and updated 0 events.)

Thanks in advance

Can the plugin be integrated with mobilizon’s free federated platform?


That would be awesome!

I’ll be giving some more updates and guidance on this plugin next week.

I attempted to integrate with Mobilizon as part of the project. See here

For a window into this issue it’s worth consider the disposition toward event management in Disapora and Mastodon, the lack of adoption of these open source alternatives, or the fact that the Mobilizon documentation website was intermittently offline throughout the period of the research, most of their support forum is in French and that they have the only API on the list that uses basic authentication to obtain an access token. We say this not to criticise the developers of any of these services (as developers of open source software ourselves, we’re acutely aware of the challenges involved in such projects), but we want to be clear-eyed about the current situation.

Given time constraints I decided to focus on the more documented / stable alternatives. I’ll attempt to integrate Mobilizon again in the future.