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Cards don’t display emoji and accents. Is it possible to display it?


I think you have me set up as a moderator on your sandbox - so I see the wizard completed message, like below. When I use incognito mode, I am able to see the events topics. Pretty cool!

I did notice one small new problem - the “add to calendar” button is now a bit too high, so it overlaps a bit with tags and alignment with the rest of the events stuff is off. This is happening on my site too.

Is this setting working?


Because I don’t see calendar in recents and all categories section

Only in the subcategories that I set it directly


Hi @Angus - bit of a priority request here - there are multiple reports of IE rendering issues on my forum and I believe I’ve tracked down the problem to a call to the assign() JavaScript method from within the events plugin:

This method isn’t supported by IE11 and earlier.

This stackoverflow answer recommends polyfilling to resolve IE’s deficiency:

Thanks for the good work you keep doing on this awesome plugin, @angus

I got an issue with the RSVP feature after upgrading today. Can anyone reproduce it?

Right, thanks. This is now fixed.

This is fixed:

As per @yanokwa’s request, I’ve added two timezone formatting settings:

  1. events timezone format (Moment.js formatting). If you use this it will override other format settings.
    e.g: “(Z) z” = 01%20AM

  2. events timezone rails format (this is the default setting).
    e.g: 54%20AM

  3. If both settings are disabled, the IANA timezone will be used
    e.g: 37%20AM

The format will also apply in the:

The logic on when to display a timezone is the same as I explained above.

I’ve replaced Object.assign with jQuery’s $.extend().

This should be fixed (here).

Those lists are not in categories. The site setting you’re referring to is there for convenience so you don’t need to go through each category and enable it individually.

If you want a calendar in non-category lists, add “Calendar” to the top menu setting.


Current Tasklist.

  1. Ensuring the rsvp feature v1 works. This week.

  2. Ensuring emoji and html entities work in topic excerpts in event cards (see). This week.

  3. Add event details to onebox previews. Next week.

  4. Event calendar for groups. 2 weeks.

  5. Allowing Discourse Local Dates to be displayed in calendars. 3 weeks.

  6. Adding multiple events to one topic. 4 weeks

  7. Recurring events. 5 weeks.

  8. Rspec and Unit tests. 6 weeks.


Thanks @angus - one of the users affected just got back to me and reported the issue fixed.

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Same here. Works as expected. Thanks @angus


My community speak french. In french we have many accents in words! For example, the category ‘général’ has two “é”. The link isénéral But when I past the link, it convert to Because link can’t have accent, I know and it works.

But not with the events plugin. Don’t know why. The link for the calendar isénéral/formations/l/calendar?end=2018-06-04&start=2018-04-30

When I past the link, it gives

And it always give a 404 page not found.

Should I remove the accent? Don’t understand how this works. Thanks

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Removing diacritics from URLs is a best practice to ensure interoperability.

I’m :fr: and Général - Le peuplier looks totally fine to me.


Hi @angus. We are finding this plugin really useful for teamwork, thank you :slight_smile:

There seems to be a small problem with display of events in the calendar, when the events are multi-day spanning a month end.

Whilst most events are shown with a title at the start of the event, inside the event line, if they are multi-day spanning a month end the title is not shown at the start of the event line:

(see the event starting 29th May)

Compare this to the multi-week event above which has the title clearly shown at the start of each line.

Same problem in the next month, though it does show at the start of the following week’s line…


That’s my request so I just want to make sure we talk about the same thing.

For one topic (one event), I want multiple dates. For example :

Baseball game
Dates : july 14, august 31, december 22

Also, it could have the option of periodicity. For example :

Baseball game
Monday 9:00 to 11:00 am, each week for 8 weeks

For now, I have to create multiple topics (events) for the same event but with different dates. Some events have ten different dates so it is ten topics. Not useful…

Thanks so much @angus


I think there may be a bug with the main calendar view… I have an event here created for 10am in the GMT-5 timezone - but I’m in the Europe/London timezone. Loading the ICS file into my email client, I correctly see 1500 (3pm) as the time for me - but in the calendar view it’s not converted:


That should show 15:00 for me. Is this:

or is it just a bug?

Also the webcal:// link doesn’t seem to respect DST, I added it to Google and the events are an hour out - the forum is set to Europe/London, but the Google-side display is GMT. If there’s anything I can get logs-wise, just let me know.

Your work so far and plans are great, Angus - nice work on this incredibly handy plugin.

Probably unreasonable, but with the RSVP feature I can see possibilities to stop relying on external services like eventbrite or gotowebinar for organizing events. For that, I am seeing the following features that would help:

  • event author (or moderators?) export rsvp list (already mentioned above)
  • guest rsvp for non-members, using email address (creates staged user and subscribes them to event?)
  • custom event fields for rsvp to fill out (what are you bringing, etc)
  • reminder notifications to those who rsvp (a la gotowebinar. 24 hours, 1 hour ahead of meeting)

Some other random feedback/ideas:

  • I am still missing the ability to add event details via the title edit pencil. I keep trying to do it and it doesn’t work, then I have to go find the bottom of the OP and edit it which is a little cumbersome. FWP but still. :wink:
  • on topic lists, event details take up alot of real estate, especially on mobile. is there an easy way to set it up so that only the date shows up, and nothing else? Then on click through people can find out the details about date and time. For past events, the exact time of day is not at all important on topic lists.

Thanks for reporting this. Fixed.

@Francois_Douville Thanks for clarifying.

This is actually all expected behaviour. The logic determining what timezone is used to display an event is explained in some more detail here. Basically:

  1. User’s timezone is the default.

  2. If the timezone site setting is set, use that instead.

  3. If the event has a custom timezone, use that instead < ---- this applies in this case.

For the .ics file however, times are always converted to the user’s local time (see here).

You feel this is unexpected?

Could you post the full link you’re using here? Thanks.

@tobiaseigen All good ideas (and thanks for the reminder about the existing requests). Let’s put Eventbrite out of business.

Current tasklist

  1. Ensuring the rsvp feature v1 works.

  2. Ensuring emoji and html entities work in topic excerpts in event cards (see).

  3. Update event details in title edit area.

  4. Better layout of event details in topic list

  5. Rspec and unit tests updates.

  6. Event calendar for groups.

  7. Adding multiple events to one topic.

  8. Allowing Discourse Local Dates to be displayed in calendars.

  9. Add event details to onebox previews.

  10. Recurring events.

  11. Event rsvp list export.

  12. Guest rsvp.

  13. Rsvp custom fields

  14. Event reminders.

… I need @cpradio’s checklist plugin on meta :slight_smile:


I do. Perhaps a slightly more zoomed out screenshot might illustrate (by the way all this comes from this calendar):


So in one view I have events at:

  • 14:00 on May 2nd - and that’s in BST which is my timezone, so it’s correct
  • 10:30 on May 11th - but in Amsterdam, so actually 9:30 in my timezone
  • 14:00 on May 17th - again, in my timezone so it’s right
  • 10:00 on May 25th - but in US East, so actually 15:00 my time

In other words, the view is misleading. When I see a calendar, I would expect everything to be shown in one timezone - that’s what you get from the webcal / ICS links, after all. Things get more fun if I move the 10:00 GMT-5 to the 17th:


So clearly this is just a display thing, since the calendar knows 10:00 -5 is later than 14:00 +1. When you have a busy calendar, it becomes obvious that timezones are in play, but when there’s only one event on a given day I think it’s a natural assumption that it’s in your zone.

I read though your link, and for the most part it does makes sense - especially for the agenda view where there’s more room. Here I’d suggest either showing the timezone (possibly not enough space though), using local-dates (I think I saw that on your to-do?) or converting the time text to the browser timezone just for the calendar entry.

Some history: Until we set up the events plugin our calendar was on our website (now discontinued in favour of Discourse, but the code is here, it’s a Jekyll site using the iCalendar gem), and there we did convert all events to the browser timezone. My users seem reluctant to add webcal / ICS stuff to their own calendars, so I assume they’ll come to Discourse to see when events are - and then complain at me when they miss stuff.

Sure, it’s from the above linked calendar - webcal link. Here’s a shot of what Google did with it:


Note how the timezone field is not editable, so while the URL is correct (timezone=Europe/London), the choice of UTC by Google is … odd, and annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it possible to change the name of the list “Agenda” to other name? How?

Go to Admin - Customize - Text Content and search for “Agenda”. First item should be the name of the agenda filter

(In French its “Administration - Personnaliser - Contenu”)