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Thanks for going into detail @gwmngilfen, it’s very useful. As you say, this is a question of getting the display right. I’ll look at your use case either tomorrow or the day after.

This is fixed. cc @Francois_Douville

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iCal Feed

The ical feed should now be fully timezone aware.

Picking the timezone to display an event in

I don’t think this assumption holds for every case.

I’ve made the use of event timezones to display events a setting: events timezone event (default on).

The updated timezone display logic is now:

  1. Start with the user’s timezone

  2. If there is a default timezone set use that instead.

  3. If there is an event timezone and the setting events timezone event is on, use the event timezone.

So, in your case turn the setting events timezone event off.

Note that regardless of the setting, in the composer and the add event modal, the event timezone (if one exists) will always be used.


Seems to work just fine. I use the feature on my forum with no issues.


Thanks for the fast turnaround @angus, excellent support as ever.

However, this seems to have forced all events to the calendar timezone, rather than the user viewing the calendar. Setting that flag to off makes the calendar look right for me (as I’m the admin, I have the same timezone as the forum), but if I impersonate a user in another timezone (or just change the timezone on my laptop), the event is still wrong (although at least they’re all consistently wrong now :stuck_out_tongue:) - the event shows at 15:00 even for a user in the GMT-5 timezone.

What I was hoping for is to display events in the users timezone - is that possible, or going to cause mayhem? I don’t see a timezone setting under a user’s prefs, so I guess it’d have to be the browser environment?

Hi @angus,

I hope you are well, thanks for the great plugin developpment. Just this little bug is that since 2 days the currently Upgrading status is not moving. I cannot stop it. Any idea ?

Many thanks

Sounds like you’re talking about events timezone default?

If you have that set, it will override the localisation to the user’s timezone:

In other words, if both events timezone default and events timezone event are disabled, the event will be localised according to the timezone of the user.

Here’s an example from my sandbox:

hm. I haven’t come across this issue before. I upgrade my sandbox via docker/upgrade each time I push updates for this plugin. It could be an issue unrelated to the events plugin, but let’s assume it is for now.

Do you see anything at Best Website Builder | Create A Website & Go Online|

Are you able to ssh into your server and rebuild the container?

That’s where I’m going wrong. Seems to be working now - thanks!

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I’m having problems getting events created in other categories to also appear in the events category.
Should they sync this way so that an event can relate to a particular category, but also be found in a collective events category that covers all categories?

Please link this reply if already covered elsewhere - I did search but found nothing.

Each category calendar will only show you events from that category.

However, there’s a site-level calendar at which will include events from all categories.

You can add a link to the site-level calendar:

  • By adding ‘calendar’ to the top menu site setting. This will add a “Calendar” button to the navigation buttons for the non-category topic lists.

  • By turning the setting events hamburger menu calendar link on. This will add a “Calendar” link to the hamburger menu.


Thanks for this reply.

I think have created ‘calendar’ in the top menu site setting. Although I can’t see it appear and returning to it, it isn’t saved and won’t let me create:

I can’t find this?

Inputting URL return error message that the page doesn’t exist or is private.

Could you type “events” into the site setting search take a screenshot of the results and paste it here?

Also please post a screenshot of and

Hi @angus

I come back to you because i tried to :

  • ssh and rebuild the app
  • comment and uncomment the plugin line in the app.yml

and still on the below screen shot when i click on the reset upgrade button it doesn’t answer

Do a full rebuild from the command line and then click reset upgrade. We fixed this issue.


@sam, yep, sorted, it is fixed.

Many thanks, i’m greatfull



Is it possible to provide a link to a .ics file containing all events in a specific forum? I know how to get individual .ics files for individual events… but an aggregated file containing all events?

That could be a cool feature for communities! Instead of adding events to the own private calendar one-by-one, this would enable users to show the community calendar based on discourse events directly in their own application along with google calendars etc.

Thank you for the great work with this plug-in!

@angus I’m not 100% sure event timezones are respecting DST changes, sadly. Compare these shots from Discourse and from my terminal…


So may laptop is in Europe/London and systemctl knows that’s currently GMT+1, but Discourse doesn’t seem to know that in either the creation or display. Right now I’m creating events in GMT explicitly and subtracting an hour in my head, so I can be sure I get it right. Am I again missing a setting, or is this a bug? Thanks!

I think what may be confusing you is the timezone label. It’s not clear to me from your post that the time is actually incorrect.

Behind the scenes the IANA label, i.e. `Europe/London``, is always used to format the actual timed displayed. The choice about what to put in the timezone label however comes down to the formatting method of the timezone label.

Could you try turning the events timezone rails format setting off?

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Hey there again. Once again - thank you so much for this amazing plugin, i was waiting for such thing for a loooooong time.

I’ve been asking for making it able to require user to add event date in topic in event-enabled category some time ago in this topic but it seems to be forgotten/lost. Or it was completely removed from the roadmap.

Maybe i’m gonna provide some background on why is such thing pretty important in my (and i think not just in mine) situation - people are adding events without the dates (because they are lazy or non-perceptive, not sure) and the events are then not presented on the agenda page of my Events category (which is a completely reasonable behaviour). As this category is all about the events, i want the Agenda page to be the default one so i’ve set up that like this.

Result of this is a lot of events without dates added + people asking why their event is not visible when they visit the Events category. I need to respond to each one of them about the agenda and event dates things + i need to edit all the events by myself to add the missing dates.

It’s more like these users issue than the plugin issue but still, i think a good UX practice would be to make it able to force them to add the datetime. It would cut the confusion step caused by the fact that their event is not visible in the default Agenda page for Events category.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry for the delay, I didn’t see that setting and had to schedule time for an upgrade :slight_smile:

You are correct, it’s the label I was concerned about, the time is correct - and yes, unchecking that setting seems to have worked. Thanks!

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