Events Plugin 📆

@quimgil Thanks again for the reports. I’ve addressed both issues.



I upgraded. “agenda” and “calendar” appear now in the dropdown, and I have enabled them, but…

I still saw the “You specified the invalid choice” message many times. Maybe it is a combination with the Locations plugin? With map" already added and saved the change, I would add “agenda” and then when saving I would still get an error message about map.

What is more intriguing is that just by keeping clicking the save button and ignoring the complaints, eventually the top menu item would be saved. Now I have Map - Agenda - Calendar working alright, but it took a bunch of clicks and ignores. Strange.


Taking a look at this one today. Did you update your instance recently?

Thank you @fzngagan!

Yes, we upgraded yesterday:


Cool. We added a few fixes so I can understand you updated the plugin. But as a general rule, have a look at the post I’ve replied to for details about our support policy.


I can repro this on my local setup. Do keep an eye here for the fix.

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Is there a widget (a theme component, I guess?) for displaying upcoming events in the forum main page?

If not, any plans to have one? And if not, could this be a candidate for (crowd)funded work?


Yes, this is something I’m thinking about at the moment. Not planned yet, but thinking whether to do an extension(theme component probably) for this one or the official event plugin.


I saw this issue a few days back but it seems to have solved itself on the latest discourse. Can you upgrade again and report back. Seems to work fine on our staging site too.

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Hi, is possible show only event end date in topic list?

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I upgraded my Discourse to 2.6.0.beta1 and the plugin now causes a page error.


Yes. I’ll add a fix in a bit, but requesting you to go over this one. Events Plugin 📆


Just fixed the issue. Please upgrade the plugin to latest.

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Yes, it should be possible by tweaking the css. Although, our plugin’s logic needs the event start date to be there.

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Beforehand, thank you for the awesome plugin!

FWIW, we would use this feature quite a bit. Perhaps others would have interest in it too?

Sorry, me again! This time, I think our people caught a few things that seem to be all bugs related with the RSVP. Maybe someone can help confirm these?

Issue 1

If an event has a limit of participants and it is “Booked out”, it seems the already “going” users can’t remove themselves from the list. This is what a “goer” sees:

Issue 2

When editing the event, it’s possible to explicitly set a negative number of guests:

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 10.17.43

An attribute of min="1" on that input will help, but mind that currently the form can still be saved with a negative limit of guests.

Issue 3

Lastly, if setting a maximum number of guests but manually adding an higher number of guests will render negative number of available slots:

This is an event with a limit of 1 guest, 2 going. Perhaps it’s best to say “Booked out”? On this special case (negative available spots), I’m able to remove myself from the list (see Issue 1).

Sorry for the avalanche of things — unfortunately my tech chops aren’t enough to submit a PR, but I can submit a github issue if it is of any help.


Thanks for reporting those issues. If you can report them here, it would be very easy for us to track it.

Secondly, the discourse team also has an implementation of the events use case. Worth having a look


I tried logging with my Github account and it doesn’t seem work — I keep getting back to the login screen. No need to fix it for me, just letting you know something seems amiss with the Github authentication bit over there.

I appreciate the heads up about this. I had missed that news and it’s very relevant as we are still evaluating how to proceed regarding events on our community.

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We have got this complain earlier too. cc @angus

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Not sure where to report this, but this seemed to be the most appropriate place for this.

I noticed an odd bug that affects the Discourse polls and, from my tests, only occurs when the Events plugin is also installed.

When creating a poll and selecting to “Automatically close poll”, regardless of the date picked, the date on the bbcode added to the post is always 24h from then (even if selecting, say, 7 days from now).

Disabling the Events plugin makes the automatic poll close date selection to work as expected.