Example Plugin: Custom Activity Summary Template

Hey everyone,

I have created an example plugin to override default Activity Summary (digest) template:





The main purpose of this plugin is to show how to override default .erb templates on Discourse.
I hope this helpful for someone.



Thanks for supplying your example plugin. I’m trying to do something similar, I need to replace/override the /app/views/embed/comments.html.erb file with the one in my plugin.

This is my repo:

I’m not sure why this is not working, I thought EmbedController would be the correct class to use but I’m obviously wrong. Do you have any suggestions?

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@mbcahyono I finally got it working thank you for your help.

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Above repo is no longer available.
Would have been glad to be able to learn from it.

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@thoka That was my repo, it ended up in our private space on GitHub.

It was a very basic change but the gist of it can be seen here.