Expanding editing grace period to hard delete posts?

My group of five writers is experimenting with Discourse as a means to converse, give feedback, and sometimes work together. I am the administrator of the site, but as a small community we want to be equals as much as possible. For that reason the way that the administrator can see soft deleted posts is awkward.

I looked around for a way to handle this, and the best thing I came up with is to expand the editing grace period to 12 to 24 hours. Would that have any undesirable implications? (perhaps slowing things down or delaying notifications) Any other ideas about how to address the issue?

One simple thing to do, since everyone is close friends. Give admin to everyone.

Also, if that suits you, increase the edit grace period.

Another alternative, if you’re not that good friends, would be for the admin to have a separate account for admin than for normal use. It wouldn’t stop the admins from logging in as admins and peeking at stuff, it would stop the “accidental” viewing of deleted posts during day-to-day use.


Thanks! So editing the grace period won’t have any untoward effects?

I like the separate account for admin idea from @mpalmer, too. I think that would address the problem. At least for a while I don’t want to make everyone admins, just because I want them to feel very free to experiment without worrying about making any changes that might confuse things. But maybe we’ll get there eventually.


From this reply, which I found in another thread, it sounds like expanding the editing grace period will delay notifications. I’m guessing that means all of them: email notifications, mailing list mode, and desktop notifications. I may expand it some and change my admin account.

I my experience…

  • desktop notifications are sent immediately,
  • and email and mailing list mode notifications are delayed by email time window mins or private email time window seconds.

So both of these should not depend on the edit grace period :slight_smile: