Seperate grace edit setting for TL0 users

Continuing the discussion from this topic:

One of the new features added to Discourse in the wake of Stonehearth’s massive spam attack was the ability to limit editing to certain trust levels. This was done in part because many of the spammers exploited a loophole in spam checking by submitting a valid post then editing it within the 5 minute grace period. Unfortunately, this restricts all editing, not just grace edits.

Currently, the following site setting exists editing grace period with a default of 300 seconds. I’d like to suggest a new site setting: TL0 editing grace period, or alternatively allow TL0 grace editing.


I don’t view it as a huge priority because

  • users who actually read or do anything won’t be at TL0 for long

  • the better fix is to close the edit loophole on following all the normal post checks, but we wanted to act with urgency due to an ongoing situation

  • it is rare for spammers to figure this loophole out

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I agree entirely, especially with #2. I was simply complying with @sam’s request.

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It is also a mild negative because it would be Yet Another Site Setting. But it is good for people to know about the loophole and be aware of the existing site setting just in case.

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