Exporting all posts of a specific user

Is there a way I can allow my users to export every post they have made on my forum in MD or any other format ?

I am encouraging users to make notes using their posts and hence might be really helpful if they could extract all the notes they have made on various topics.

Thanks !

There is a “Download All” button in the Activity section of the user profile that should allow this by default. I’ve not used it so I don’t know what the format looks like, but this should be very close to what you want.


Thanks for the reply !

Weird, there’s no such option here.

Hello there @Karthikk_Vijay you are in the admin page of the user. If you go to activity you will see a ‘Download All’ button :+1:


Wow ! Thank you so much !!

This is brilliant, especially because only the user themselves can download them. Perfect for my use case :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome ! Thanks for the prompt replies !

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