Extra "newline" symbol when pasting text

Bug in OneBox, very annoying. If you copy some text and last symbol is space, when you paste it, after space there will be extra “newline”. You can test it by double-clicking on any word in this text with space after it, copy and paste in in OneBox. I tested this with text editor - pasting there gives normal result, so it’s issue with pasting in OneBox, not copying from OneBox. I also tried to copy word with space from text editor and paste it in OneBox - yea, “newline” apears on pasting.

P.S. I’m not sure if this important or not, but I use latest FireFox.

step by step, how do I make this issue happen.

Step 1. Open reply form and write something - this is to get more visual.
Step 2. Select any text from anywhere with space at the end, like this:


Step 3: Ctrl+C
Step 4. Set your caret in the reply form in the middle of a text you typed, then press Ctrl+V.

You will see that text broke in two lines. That “extra newline” apears in the end of a text from clipboard if there’s space as a last symbol.

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I think this is a dupe of the other Firefox pasting bug reported about a week or so ago. So closing.