Failed Upgrade from 2.3.0 to 2.8.1

I need to be sure what I am experiencing is normal.

SSL certificate expired, forcing a rebuild of app which failed.

What I had to do after failed upgrade:

  • reconstruct database from data_dir files - :white_check_mark:
  • backed up uploads - :white_check_mark:
  • installed discourse locally, pointed the database to the existing one - :white_check_mark:
  • ran it through migration to bring the database forward - :white_check_mark:

Now I am stuck trying to boot discourse rails rails s -b for testing.

The command line has been producing transaction output like this for over 24hrs.

I am wondering how I can improve the speed of this process? And also is there any way to check how much progress it has made/how many jobs are left?

I am trying to produce a backup locally and then upload it online.

Thank you.

You are not stuck, that command you ran starts a webserver and keeps running it until you manually quit it.

I guess this isn’t a standard install?

If recommend making a backup and moving to that setup.

I ended up accomplishing what I needed with discourse containerized on a web server. Thank you.

Problems I have since encountered:

  • unique_index_categories_on_slug which stems from the migrations but a second uncategorized slug in the categories was the actual culprit - solved by renaming slug
  • custom avatars not showing - solved by rake uploads:regenerate_missing_optimized

I am currently stalled trying to properly configure app.yml for plugins:

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
        cd: $home
          - git fetch --depth=1 origin tag v2.8.1 --no-tags
          - git checkout v2.8.1

Plugins never install. I noticed LOAD_PLUGINS=0 in the output despite trying to redefine it to LOAD_PLUGINS=1.

Any suggestions?

Did you do the standard install?

Did you do a

 ./launcher rebuild app

After adding the plugins?

Absolutely followed the official installation instructions for the web server. I can enter the app and clone repositories into the plugins folder but cannot get app.yml to pull the plugins using ./launcher rebuild app.

Rather than the checkout of v2.8.1 maybe just use the stable branch?

I am ‘up’, nearly back to a 100% homeostasis. Thank you both for all of your help.

Considering I have a topic dedicated to my upgrade and, likewise, both of your attention, I have a question about tabular data.

I have tables in posts that source static images on the web (that will never change in the foreseeable future:

|Column A|Column B|Column C|Column D|
|Test A1|Test B1|<img height=20 src="">|Test D1|
|Test A2|Test B2|<img height=20 src="">|Test D2|

How can I tell discourse to accept specific heights and widths of images inside a table? Previous versions of Discourse were capable of such.

I believe that was with a different markdown engine, and that’s no longer a legal way to do it. I think you’ll need to convert it to markdown only, which might be a bit tricky. Maybe Rafael has an idea.

<img width="20" height="20"  src=""/>


Looks like it works already? Don’t forget the quotes.

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For the sake of testing and clarification, in addition to quotes you’re saying the images now also require both a height and a width attribute to effectively change the size? See the examples below for confusion about that:

Code in Editor:

|Column A|Column B|Column C|Column D|
|Test A1|Test B1|<img height="20"  width="20" src="">|Test D1|
|Test A2|Test B2|<img height="20" src="">|Test D2|

Editor Preview:


Actual Post:

Column A Column B Column C Column D
Test A1 Test B1 Test D1
Test A2 Test B2 Test D2

Images in post tables on my install look like the Editor Preview screenshot instead of the auto-sized version in the Actual Post.

Thanks again, guys.

Also, I’ve noticed after rake posts:rebake that larger images are no longer clickable and can’t be opened in the lightbox gallery which are in quite a few posts. Suggestions?