Favorites - select your favorite categories

As recenty discussed as feature request, this functionality in core would be beneficial for multiple purposes.


Did you guys already decide on that? :slight_smile:

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I’ve got at least one community that really needs this. It’s got hundreds of categories and people are likely to be interested in only a few.


it would be great to have this on core.

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The current workaround is just to work in reverse, mute the categories you want suppressed from the home page.


Yeah, but mute seems more like to things you don’t like/hate.


I really like to know/see topics about plugins, feature and themes here, its my main choice when I log in. But If a mute the others 15 categories I wouldn’t have a idea about the whole community.


Thing is the plugin worked exactly the way mute works. Muting a category only removes it from home pages.

I am guessing you are asking for an extra favorites tab?


Yes. It would be a nice feature. :smile:


Using muting is really not intuitive for some use case:

  • A lot of categories are available but only a are few relevant for most people. With new categories popping periodically.
  • Wanting a new category to be created as muted for everyone but the few relevant users.
  • Wanting to check the muted status for all categories available / all subcategories of that specific category on the same page I can read their description (on the category page).

The star makes everything clearer and more intuitive.

Actually, without having to implement new rules and logic for a ‘favorite’ status, if the star was just a toggle for the muted status of the category, it would be already very handy. Or on the same UX maybe have 3 settings: muted (BG-secondary color star), displayed/normal (primary color star), or favorite (smiling shiny rainbow star).

It would also be very nice if admins could chose if both 1) the stars would be displayed, and 2) the favorite status is possible :

  • for all categories, through a global setting
  • for that category on the category setting page
  • for all subcategories on the parent category setting page

(Oh, and to continue the wishlist, if the star could be a parameter allowing to chose any FA icon instead, that would also be fun).


I’d be willing to put the work into this plugin to get it back on the road if there was backing:

Is there any appetite to co-sponsor that effort? I’d be looking to raise $700 from the community for a straight reboot (fixed, no additional features)

I know @Merlls_Rizzini is interested, any other support? @pfaffman, would that community of yours be keen to sponsor? Any other pledges?


@sam has this idea been discussed any further? Is it in the works as a core feature of Discourse, or is it worth someone spending the time to fix this plugin?

Discourse can now operate in a mode where all categories are default muted and users can opt in for categories they are interested in


Using the new feature (“all categories muted”) to what is being asked for here is like using hammer in place of a scalpel. Imagine if bookmarking didn’t exist, no one would want to implement that using this new feature.

Favoriting categories (and tags too) also has nothing to do notification level, mixing those two things together is very confusing; specially now that notifications levels have a “bell” icon.

Creating favorites is basically about users creating a feed of topics they are likely interested in for the same purpose as the Bookmark feature. In fact I think it should work identically to bookmarks from how its enabled/disabled, optional placement in tab bar, etc. The only additional item would be a “Star” button by the category notification level button.

Why favorite categories and tags? Some communities are large enough, that scrolling the topic feed is simply tedious. That doesn’t mean I want those categories or topics hidden if I do want to see all latest across the community, or if someone mentions a user that is not favorited that category or tag.



What’s the latest status of this discussion? I’m on v2.7.0.beta5 and I’m seeing the “Favorite categories” field in the User Preferences>Interface page, so I assume someone’s added it as a core feature? However I can’t select any of the options, and/so I don’t see the expected Favorites tab on top, or in the drop down. (EDIT: turns out it wasn’t part of core, it was because of the plugin)

Also, the plugin doesn’t seem to be working. So is this a broken plugin, and a broken feature? has everyone settled on just muting the categories they don’t want to see?


Guess so, it’s still in #plugin:broken-plugin

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My users have been asking for functionality like this. There is one very active category on our forum, to the point where maybe 1/2 of the topics in the Latest tab are from that category and you start to miss other topics.

Muting the category doesn’t really fit our use case. I would remember to unmute the category but a lot of my users wouldn’t, to the detriment of the forum. What we would like is the option to browse all topics including the high-traffic category (on days when we have a lot of concentration and time) or all topics minus that category (on days when we’re a little short of either). Anyway, +1 for including this feature in core.

Our long term solution here is to carry the sidebar concept and bring it to core:

Then you just click tracked when you are interested in the list of topics you have tracked due to categories being tracked, etc.

Is that the same as the current Unread page, or is it something different?

You can experiment on meta … pick the “Focused Sidebar” theme from the header… then track a few categories and tags.

Oh, that’s really cool. Yeah, that does everything we were looking for. Can’t wait!