Customizable Homepage or Discussion Feed?

Is there any functionality in the hosted version of Discourse that would allow for a customizable homepage or discussion feed?

We have a lot of users who ask for a customized homepage where they could see only discussions in categories that they’re most interested in prioritized at the top. This way, they wouldn’t have to filter through as many things that weren’t of interest.

Is this possible to do? Would be a really cool feature / functionality.


If you have a reasonable number of categories, they can mute them in their preferences. If you have dozens (or hundreds) of categories, that’s a bit painful and there’s not a great solution.

Also extremely interested in a solution to this. I want to set up a site that is 99% about the community, but ideally want a welcoming home page on the main domain. Thanks.

Thanks Jay! The only issue with that is I’d still like users to have access to the other topics, but prioritize the ones that are most important. In a perfect world, a user could prioritize categories to be shown at the top of their feed, and that featured section could have the most recent 10 discussions from those categories. Then, below, they could scan all of the categories that were of secondary interest if they have time.

Just a way to help curate the discussion for users based on their interests.


That is, in fact, already the way the categories page works by default. It sorts the most active categories at the top. That’s by design, so the categories people participate in the most tend to show up first.

(Unless the site owner has unwisely opted to force a static category sort order :wink: )

The only way this would break down is if people on your site really dislike the most active categories.

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I am one of the unwise :wink: but I have a lot of categories with subcategories for organization. I would love to see an additional view of categories sorted by most visited but also have this overall view to help the user navigate the forum

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This sounds suspiciously close to that:

Which morphed into this (now broken) plugin:


I’ve proposed a solution to this which i’m looking for support for here: New Theme: Tag-Pages Navigation

i feel that the current discourse navigation breaks down when a forum has too many categories. the default view is confusing to users as there is too much going on with no obvious structure. the fixed view at this point simply has too many options. UX rule of thumb is to give a user 3-5 choices on each page.

At this point in either of those two paths, the forum only makes sense to the most committed users, as others are lost or disinterested rather than engaged and quickly able to access what they are looking for