Feature Discussion: benign alternative to "suspension"

I’m using Discourse as a Forum for a subscription-based membership group. When someone cancels their subscription I have essentially two options for handling their account: anonymizing the account or suspending the account. My primary concern is to ensure that the person can’t log in until they’ve started their subscription again.

If I believe the person is planning to come back to the group, then I prefer not to anonymize their account, because if they come back, I would like them to have the option to continue until their previous identity, retaining their post and comment history, and so on. My only other option seems to be suspending their account, which to the inattentive observer looks like they’ve done something wrong, when they haven’t.

I think I would like some benign analog to suspending an account: pausing the account. The user can’t log in until an administrator resumes their account, the user retains their post activity history, and without the negative associations of “suspension”.

Yes? No? What do you folks think of the idea?

Also, is there some other way to get the behavior I want using the existing features of the system?


What about just removing access to all the interesting categories?


In addition to Richard’s idea you can change the suspension text by going to Admin → customise → text



That never even crossed my mind. This is why I ask. Thank you for the ideas. I’m not sure I want to do this, but I’m glad to know it’s an option.

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To be honest I would like a page for suspended users instead of just a modal telling them there suspended and why. Only a modal doesn’t make sense.