Feature: Like via email

Cool… are we happy to proceed with the proposed ‘reply with +1’ implementation, then?

I’m happy to do the localization for ‘like’ as well, although I’m thinking sticking with the default language of the forum will be a bit easier to start than dropping to per-user locale there. Maybe we end up supporting ‘like’ in the user’s language and the default forum language?

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I understand including text for the “like” or “+1” feature is not necessary wanted…

… however I mocked up some examples using email limited HTML / css for a project and thought I would share them for reference.


  • that Gmail changes the Unicode heart into a red heart image
  • Reply icon - there isn’t a nice left pointing arrow in the Unicode character set to I went with right pointing.


###Unicode heart manually inserted to avoid Gmail conversion
Might appear like this in other email clients

###As received by Gmail (note converted heart)

###Modified simple text

###Right aligned buttons to simulate in site style
Note that Gmail’s conversion of the heart is difficult to style correctly hight and width wise and still remain consistent in other email clients.

##Right aligned buttons + modified text

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Thanks for the mockups. This is what I had in mind at first as well, but on second thought it might not be that viable.

The template for the email sendout would have to take into account that you can’t like your own posts, so no heart is shown for the posts that are yours. It also (ideally) has to take into account whether you’ve already liked a post before. Combined with the fact that this is a feature primarily designed to appeal to mailing list users, I see now that the like-by-mail option is far more viable.

Even the added complexity of localisation isn’t really that hard, because we could let users add their own approved phrases.

Sorry about the mixed signals @gdpelican!

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you wanted additional text, couldn’t you simply use the Text Customize feature of Discourse to add that text for your instance only? Does it really have to be in core?

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No, I don’t think it needs to be in core. People can customize their templates, and if over time someone comes up with a great template that everyone seems to like, we can consider folding it into core.

so, what do we add in our custom footer to have a “click to like” link?

You’d need to implement the functionality for such a feature as a plugin.

In summary:

  • Enough members of the Discourse team want to support replying with “Like” or “+1” as an interface to like the post. I imagine that will be implemented in the near future.

  • It’s a “pro” feature so by default we don’t want to add text to every email. Discourse admins can customize their email templates to let users know if they wish.


I’ve put in a PR for this here:


Further feedback welcome! :pineapple:


Also, @eviltrout mentioned this already but to be totally clear, this doesn’t allow for a ‘click to like’ link to appear in the footer, even with template customization (we’d need to do a little extra implementation, namely exposing or modifying a ‘like this post’ endpoint on the API, to make such a link function.)

A PM or post in the marketplace for a plugin for this would probably pique my interest though :wink:

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Thanks for your work on this! As a user of Asana, I’m used to replying to notification emails with <3, so I was wondering about this feature for Discourse, too.

Would be nice if you may add support for <3 alongside +1. And since some clients auto-correct <3 to either the heart emoji or any of the heart codepoints (U+2764, U+2665 and U+2661, see http://unicodeheart.com/), you may want to support them, too. :slightly_smiling:


That’s a great PR. I did identify some issues but assuming those are sorted this should be fine to accept!


<3 seems reasonable to me.

It’d be pretty easy to pull these out into a site setting, actually; out of scope for this PR but might be a nice next step.

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I tried out this feature and got an error:

[Discourse Meta] Email issue – Topic Closed
We’re sorry, but your email message to [“reply+7f1f16a3767781b3981c4b83bcbb9f05@discourse.org”] (titled Re: [Discourse Meta] [bug] Group mentions that begin with the same characters may be incorrect) didn’t work.

The topic you are replying to is currently closed and no longer accepting replies. If you believe this is in error, contact a staff member.

While replying should not be allowed, it is legitimate to like a post of a closed topic.


Sure, I think I can grab that over the weekend if it’s not resolved by then.


Wait… are you sure? As Closed != Archived. Archived prevents likes, edits, etc of a topic, but Closed, you can still Like… so wouldn’t you want this to mimic what Desktop/Mobile users are able to do?

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A member reported being able to +1 like via email, but then later logged in to check but found she had liked the wrong post (she +1 liked a reply to the post she wanted to like). She says she was then unable to reverse it as usual via the web interface. Is this disabled for some reason?

That’s always been the case. You only can undo a like/flag/etc during the window defined by the “post_undo_action_window_mins” site setting.

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Makes sense. It struck her probably only because she came to the post later and wanted to toggle it.

With liking by email, we have to be mindful to explain the risk of liking the wrong post to members, esp if it is not possible to reverse it later.

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A bug I reported was fixed and I mailed “+1” just to get the response that this was not possible, because the bug topic was closed. So in meta, this is still an issue.

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