[Feature request] Add setting to automatically "lock" Solution posts

It’s currently possible for users to edit and delete their posts that are marked as solutions. This can cause issues (whether a solution is edited maliciously or simply deleted at a later date so removing the “answer”).

It’s possible to lock posts which are edited by Staff. Could this be extended to allow Solution posts to be locked automatically?

(If a user does want to edit they can contact Staff to unlock or to perform the edit)

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Not quite what you’re asking for, but you can change post edit time limit to a smaller number.


We’ve yet to come up with a value for that setting which doesn’t adversely affect someone. For example, many of our community members maintain a post which details their hardware configuration which they can link to instead of posting it each time.

Hmm. Maybe make those wiki posts?

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It’s a workaround, but who is going to go through 400 posts and set them all to wikis? Or put a single thread in a wiki’d category? Keep in mind it’s also a single example that quickly came to mind. (It’s also bad enough that some users get worried when they see they can edit someone else’s post in a Tutorial category when they reach the TL threshold…)

This all said - the main issue of someone editing or deleting a Solution isn’t changed by the edit timeout as it could happen at any point.