Feature Request: Instantly index web content through Bing Webmaster URL submission API

Microsoft has recently proposed the idea of automatically submitting content changes to the Bing Webmaster API to Wordpress, see #52900 (Instantly index WordPress web sites content in Search Engines) – WordPress Trac. Their end goal is to set a new standard for the way webcrawlers work, not only for Bing, but also for other search engines.

Perhaps this would be a nice feature or plugin to have for Discourse. That way forum posts would instantly get indexed by, in this case, Bing and changes would be instantly visible to the search engine.


Thank you for sharing that information with the folks over at Discourse. The Bing team would be willing to assist and provide clarification.

I think @facan deserves some involvement here. He was the one who opened the ticket about three weeks ago. Such a feature might also fix this completely unrelated issue in return. It is an absolute win-win for you folks!

@Frédéric addressed some sort of throttling issue a while back, right? Im concerned that the issue might reappear if this feature were to be added, but I might as well check that before saying anything else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes on behalf of Fabrice Canel and Frédéric Dubut,