Feature suggestion: "add tag" popup should suggest likely tags based on topic content

(Chris Beach) #1

With my slightly OCD tendency, I often trawl through topics adding tags.

Opening the tag drop-down shows five popular tags (I assume, the most popular?).

Here’s an idea - how about making the suggested tags a bit smarter using some basic machine learning? I’d suggest the following:

Background Job

Discourse runs a background job that analyses the text and tags of recent topics using a Naive Bayes Classifier

  • The background job uses existing tags on topics to build a model. It learns which tags are likely to be relevant to text content.

  • For topics without tags, the background job runs the text through the built model to find any tags with a high probability of applying to the topic. These are persisted in the DB as “suggested tags” for that topic.

Suggested Tag UX

When a user edits the title/tags, the UI shows any strong tag suggestions, and the user can click on a suggested tag to add it to the topic

(Sam Saffron) #2

Sounds like a very interesting plugin to me :relaxed: not sure I think this fits into core quite now.