Feedback: Improved topic summary mode

(Régis Hanol) #21

There are plenty of summary_... settings available to customize that option :wink:

(itlo) #22

What about a feature to auto-summarize long topics? For example, if a topic has more than 50 posts the users will see a summary of that topic?

(Kevin P. Fleming) #23

This already exists, it’s called ‘Best Of’ mode and it displays the posts that have the most ‘interest’ (reading time, likes, replies, etc.)

(Jeff Atwood) #24

We actually changed the name of this to “summarize” since it’s a better description of the feature:

Shows up automatically for topics with >= 50 replies.

(caue rego) #25


Have you thought of adding a “turn into Q&Asummarize button, which would simply bring posts loved by OP?

(Jeff Atwood) closed #26