Feedback on our forum & help with email summary template

Hi everyone,

We recently launched Made to Measure the Geckoboard community focused on bringing together dashboard users from all over the world to talk metrics, design, setting goals and lots more.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on our forum - theme, categories, engagements with users, anything you think could be improved or looks good. We plan on working more on the theme at a later date to better reflect the style of our website so what you see here has been pulled together quite quickly. Check out the forum here.

If you have any suggestions on launching and running a successful online community please share. Big learning curve for us.

One final thing, I want to change the blue colour that is within the summary emails (it’s not not on brand). My colleague has looked into the email editing and can’t figure out how to change this. Is it possible? If so, is anyone able to give a foolproof explanation for us? The threads I have read here haven’t been clear or conclusive.



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Hi Sam

You can change the colours used in the digest here

Admin - Settings - Email

check box - apply custom styles to digest