Feedback on the new profile nav layout?

I noticed that the tabs on our profiles changed. Is this going to be coming to all sites soon? And will it be by a setting by admin or the user?

What you do all think about this?

You’re talking about this navigation, I assume?

At the moment that’s controlled by a site setting called enable new user profile nav groups which we’ve enabled for everyone here on Meta. We intend on enabling this as the default on all sites, and it’s part of the changes we’ve made along with the addition of the sidebar.

The previous subnav for user pages created a bit of an awkward double-sidebar, which is the main reason behind the change:


I am talking about this. But this setting is as old as the side bar?

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This user nav setting is a little more recent than the setting to enable the sidebar


Personally, I love it. Especially the mobile version because the drop-down menus always seemed out of place to me.


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