Few improvement ideas - grouping queries, duplicate queries

With time, the amount of queries that we have is reaching a state where these are hard to manage.

Thus, a few suggestions, and I am sure others will (hopefully) chime in with more :slight_smile:
(1) Collapsible query groups

  • It would be fantastic if the UI of the Data Explorer plugin allowed us to group the queries to bring some order to the chaos.
  • Bonus points if we can specify the query group on the query creation screen, rather than having a separate button to add the query for each existing group.
  • Bonus points x2 if the default queries are automatically placed in a Default group.

(2) Filter options

  • It would already help if we could filter by query author, the groups allowed to see the query on their reports screen, maybe even the creation date.
  • It would also help tremendously to have the ability to search for code from the root page (in a way, to filter queries containing specific code). The logic here is that sometimes you want to reuse the bit of code that you remember was used somewhere, but you have to dig a lot to find it :slight_smile:

(3) Exclude specific queries from jumping up
We have a few integrations that keep refreshing the queries, which keeps them always at the top. If one goes to the menu to search for another query, it takes some scrolling down to skip the automated ones.
I think this would already be less of an issue if we had collapsible query groups, but a nice to have nonetheless.

EDIT - I just had another one, just another nice-to-have
(4) A button that will beautify the code :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for considering these ideas :slight_smile: