Few minor issue with dropdowns


I notice some minor align issue with dropdowns.

  1. On the user page the user notification dropdown header.
    Screenshot 2021-08-28 at 15.06.50

  2. Same place but the dropdown and only on mobile.

  3. On mobile the dropdown position not correct on few place.

  4. Top pages dropdown arrow position on Safari
    Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 20.21.47

  5. Top pages after click on hover


We just merged a fix here

This covers everything except

I think this has to do with popper @joffreyjaffeux? not sure how to approach that


I can’t repro this. On what device do you repro this? This is in safari or DiscourseHUB? (I can’t repro on any of them FWIW).

This is on Android 10 Chrome 92.0.4515.166

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I have only Chrome 91 available, but no repro on Android 10/11 so far.


Ahh ok I found it I think. It cause the phone Display size settings. I use it on small size. Now I set it to default and works fine. This is happening on Small Display Size only.

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Ok I see, we can repro, will have a look, but it’s going to be low priority.



The last issue with dropdown (what I reported before) has been fixed now. :arrow_down: :clap:

I believe the fix in @pmusaraj huge commit: UX: Normalize sizing for inputs, buttons, dropdowns (#14226) · discourse/discourse@24e71ac · GitHub

Thank you for everyone! :heart:

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