Few Questions about Custom User Fields

If i add 540 drop-down items to user field, will it break my site?

I want to add list of medical colleges to choose from. As it turns out there are about 540 in india. Most apps filter the list by asking state name first. But in discourse how to do it?

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It won’t break your site, but I think it’ll be difficult for the user. I think you might want to do it with a plugin. Maybe you’d add a model for the college and you could make it searchable like tags are.

But what are you going to do with this information once you have it?

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I am building community of medical students and doctors at MedForums.

I am planning to build groups based on college name, like alumni associations have.

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Then I’d just create groups for all of them and let them join them.

They might be affiliated with multiple ones.