Filter topics in category containing file attachments

Is this possible with the API? The purpose is to get a list of topics in a category that contain a PDF, or other media file attached.

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You can use the advanced search:
(searches for filetype:pdf #support)

Routes on Discourse have a JSON serializer, so you can tweak the search and then use /search.json?q=your-query.


Another option would be to write a Data Explorer query that returns the topics you are looking for. You could then run that query via the API: How to run Data Explorer queries with the Discourse API.


It looks like search with the parameter would be the easiest option.

Are there and / or operators for search queries? I found the option for categories, but I would like to combine search terms or filetypes - for example,soundcloud%20%23support%20

I get 5 results for the combined terms - but it is not showing results for individual terms. Searching just for “soundcloud” on the other hand yields 15 results. I would like to get both with one query… Would this be possible without doing an individual query for each?

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