Search for posts/topics including attachments or links

My client is asking about the possibility of searching for posts/topics that include attachments or links, (not searching the contents of attachments), so they can assess what their users are uploading or linking to in recent posts. I don’t see a way to do that currently - please advise if there is.

‘Advanced search’ currently has a ‘Only return topics/posts… Include image(s)’ option. Would it be possible to add similar options for ‘Include attachment(s)’ and ‘Include link(s)’?

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I am not sure the status of attachments versus images here @sam – do we have another hidden search term?

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We do not have with:links and with:attachments we do have with:images

I support adding both with:attachments and with:links as ninja search predicates. It is surprisingly simple to add the backend support.

In the mean time I recommend using a data explorer query.