Find users who posted on a specific list of Topic ID's

We’re going to be doing a COVID 19-day Fitness Challenge on our forum and participants will need to check-in every day and post proof that they completed the challenge in order to be eligible for some really awesome swag and gear.

Is there a way, using data explorer, to run a query to:

  1. define an array of Topic ID’s (the 19 days of the challenge)
  2. output a list of only those users who posted on every single one of those Topic ID’s
  3. I’d like the output to also include the user’s First and Last name and also email address

Is this something Data Explorer would be used to do?


Yes. One could construct such a query.

If you’re self-hosted or on a plan that will allow it, you could also create a badge that would automatically be granted if someone met the criteria.