Flagged topics viewable using /raw/ and oneboxing on other websites

So I found out that the raw topic link, and other Discourse Websites can allow you to view flagged topics without having TL4+. I don’t think this is intended behavior.

This topic is supposed to be flagged, as of right now. It says it is hidden by the community. Oneboxing it in the same forum that the flagged topic originated from works as intended:

However, oneboxing and raw posts can circumvent this. It also occurs outside of Discourse.

This uses raw posts to view the flagged topic.

Oneboxes lets you view it. Note that this is on a different Discourse forum. This is not the same forum as the one above.

Other websites can also onebox the topic for some reason, without a problem.

Flagged Topic:

(Wow, it occured here too)