Forbid words in title but not in body text

Is it possible to forbid word only in title?

I could set it to censored words and it’s fine.
But same word in text body is overwritten with *

That use case is not supported. This is an extremely niche request; why do you need this?

I was thinking to keep title names descriptive and users tend to put in titles words like Urgent, Please help…
That doesn’t say anything about problem…

But I wouldn’t forbid those words in a post.

Whatever make them more intuitive to be descriptive and now is a great option with forbiding words that they appear like:
Title includes one or more of the censored words: testing

But then they also appear in the body like ****.

Because of the sentence that it start with Title includes… I thought it would be possible to do so.

But OK, if that is not an option it’s not a big deal.
I just thought I’m missing something.

There are times when a topic is started in “less than the best category” for it and times when there are “less than helpful” topic titles. I don’t think any code-automated way of dealing with the issue would work very well and that it requires hands-on correction. True, there are the educational modals, but I have my doubts about how many read them let alone learn from them.

Usually it is a newbie that hasn’t “got it” yet, though I have seen members that aren’t so newbie do it too.

Editing the topic title (and or moving it) can be done by Staff and TL3 members, or the OP if they have a mind to. Editing the topic title sends a Notification to the member, and I think in most cases they see this and realize what they could have done differently and do better from then on.

But for the more persistent members, a gentle nudge from a polite message should do the trick if they can’t take the hint from the Notifications.

I don’t think continued “poor topic titles / categories” should be an offense worth “punishment”, so I can’t say what should be done if / when a member persists.


I agree. Nobody read instructions.
That’s why I meant that this could be option because, as I said above, it already check title for such words.
If you forbid word “help” in the title and not in the body and then message appear:

Title includes one or more of the censored words: help, urgent, hurry, please

then it will read them and fix the title.
On the one hand it prevents putting those words when they are needed but on the other hand it’s always urgent :slight_smile:

Encourage your TL3 (“regular”) users to edit the titles for you.