Force page refresh on a link click

I’m trying to change the text here. I included a link.

But when I click on the link it goes to that page but the modal and editor persists on the screen which I don’t want

So, I think If I can force the page to refresh after clicking this link then it might work as anticipated. I tried adding target=“_blank” it didn’t help either. I’m open to ideas. Thank you.


Is this so hard actually :thinking:

yeah its surprisingly hard to do, and the last thing you want it to override the core implementation of modals for it.

mentioning this to people who could offer some guidance, but given holidays it may take us a bit to reply


Hello :wave:

There is an easy trick which might help. It will makes full page reload.

I am not sure where exactly this modal shows up but something like this could help? I think this is probably the max level Discourse has. :thinking:
<a href="../../../../../about">


Oh wow. It worked!

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