Force topics into email digest via tags?

Hey guys

Is there any way to “force” specific topics into digests, for example by using a tag?

We are planning to have sponsored topics that we would like to display at the top of the digest email. As far as we checked, there is no such feature at this point, correct?

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I have some thoughts about such feature. Currently I move relevant topics into Announcenments category which is reflected the digest. Users receive news from this category.

I am not sure about the logic which topic is displayed at the top of the digest, I think this might be tuned via some value in the database (probably the most popular topic has some value, somebody could add a comment on this).

Alternatively, in my case, I can force set watching some tags for all users (usually it can be unset by user in This is not a digest, but users always is notified by admin tags. This can be repeated by some sql script/ rake task. Anyway, this is absolutely unfriendly, but may be justified some corporate rules in small communities.

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