Forgot to edit CSP when adding tracking code via custom component

Hi @Falco I think I’ve got the same problem with Matomo not working with Discourse. It is what the support team of Matomo told me when I opened a ticket on their github :

Matomo support : “I checked your website and the configured CSP is preventing to load our tracker. You’ll want to have a look at Is the Matomo JavaScript Tracker CSP (Content Security Policy) compatible and how do I set it up? FAQ - General - Matomo Analytics Platform and check how this can be configured in your server environment.”

I went to my Discourse logs (URL/logs) and couldn’t find anything related.

My discourse is on this URL :
And my Matomo instance on :

And I thought I already changed the CSP in the settings to make it work but still not working :

I thought I followed thoroughly the tutorial Script to enable Matomo analytics on Discourse but seems not enough.

What did I do wrong ? :slightly_smiling_face: