Free Hosting for Open Source v2

Originally published at: Free Hosting for Open Source v2

Nearly two years ago we started very carefully experimenting with free hosting of open source projects. Today we’re announcing the next iteration of our free hosting program, casting a much wider net this time. Free Discourse Hosting For Your Open Source Project Do you run a popular open source project? Then you might be eligible…


How will this affect communities in the V1 program?


Projects on the legacy plan will continue to be hosted under the terms that applied when they signed up, meaning they will not need to change their domain names.


This is incredible!!! Thanks so much @erlend_sh and Discourse team!!!


All credit to @erlend_sh he has been driving this forward!


@erlend_sh We’d like to move Gitcoin to use the free version possible. Does this allow for a custom domain? If not, how do we qualify for the 50% off?

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The free plan no longer allows for custom domains. The 50% discount is generally for not-for-profit open source projects, which puts Gitcoin in a bit of a grey area. But since it literally exists for the purpose of supporting open source that tips the scale in your favour :wink:

I’ll send you a PM to discuss specifics.


When you say you can’t help import existing mailing lists and the like, does that mean it’s still possible for us to do it manually or only if we self-host? We have 17 years of mailing lists to not lose and we’re really not trying to self host anything anymore :wink:

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You can absolutely do it yourself. All our import scripts are open source, so you can set up a local dev site and run the import. From there, you can take a backup of your dev site, upload it to your free hosted site, and shoot us an email. We’ll work with you to restore the backup.


Awesome, guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend :smiley:


Are you sure? The opening post explicitly says:

Yes, I’m quite sure :smiley:. We will not assist with imports, but we’re happy to restore a Discourse backup, whether that backup is from an import, another hosting site, self-hosting, etc.

Let me see if I can edit the copy there a bit to be clearer.


FAQ in the linked blog post updated.