Fully Theme

Working on this this week actually, after more use, I agree that it should be available.

In regard to this, I tried to follow another chat services design implementation.


The thing I now realize is that the sidebar background is a darker/different color. So turning the green “online” circle to white when active make sense. I think for the fully theme the issue is that it is turning the same color as the sidebar background, and causing confusion.

I’ll look into changing this as well.

This is just a small thing I noticed, but it’s present on my site and Meta - the “Move” link is now offcenter in the main section of the sidebar.


This is more of a small issue, but something that was bugging me a bit.


Which theme do you happen to be using? On the default theme I see this:

Screenshot from 2023-07-11 13-24-58

On Meta, I’m using Fully. I also saw it on try.discourse.org, and I’m not sure if the theme is on there, I’m not using my PC anymore to check.

Update: The theme is indeed installed there and it’s off center too, probably a theme issue.

Seems to have been resolved here, thanks!


I pushed a fix today actually, thanks for reporting :smile:



Can posts be wider?

Consider Themes: too narrow - #2 by grahamperrin - Site Feedback - Practical ZFS

  • the Unix Linux Community examples
  • the uppermost window in the screenshot.


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I suggest doing this in a theme-component rather than me changing this theme’s post width for all of those using this theme.

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issue with theme

When setting device to portrait mode then back to landscape and scrolling down, the post looks off when navigating forum

On try.discourse.org, hovering the theme selector on fully makes the text roughly the same color as the background:



It only happens on Fully :slight_smile: :paintbrush:

Got a fix for this one in.

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Forgive me if this is obvious, but I don’t see a way to duplicate and edit the light color palette used by this theme.

When I look at the Colors section under customize, I see (among others) “Dark” which seems to go with this theme, but I don’t see one called “Light”.

The Theme shows “Light (default)”, but I don’t know how to clone and edit that.

Can you clarify for a poor noob? Thanks!

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Is there a way to remove the boxy profiles? We are used to the circle ones

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You dont see a “Light” theme in your Discourse customize colors section?

Can you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing?

This is part of the theme, you’d need to override it with a custom theme component if you wish to do so.

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I don’t see the default light scheme on any new instance, so this is not related to the theme.

To have the Light scheme on the colors section I’d need to add a new color scheme and then it’s suggested I base it on the default light scheme. But the Light scheme is not present on the colors section by default.

That’s surprising. I wonder if it depends on the color scheme that’s selected when the site is first configured with the setup wizard. Here’s what I’m seeing on a Discourse site I created last week:

If anyone’s running into an issue with there not being a Light color scheme, the method you’re describing should work to create one. Click the “New” button, then create a new color scheme based off the “default light” scheme.

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The sidebar doesnt expand to fit the site text, is there a way to fix this?

happens here too on some screen size

Something here is wonky…

Go to this page and hit the hamburger menu to hide the sidebar…

Here’s what I’m seeing…