FYI "Using GPT-4 for content moderation" - An OpenAI blog entry

My goal was not to start a discussion, it was to pass along information that I consider relevant to both Discourse the company and those that run sites with the assistance of human moderators.

While I tried to stay to just the facts for the info provided in the first post here is a point that I feel might be worth discussing.

Should a site rely solely on an AI moderator or should humans be in the loop? More importantly what happens when a AI and human disagree?

The use of the word loop was by choice, not coincidence; ever listen to Apollo missions from flight control and hear note of the word loop?

An very interesting side note related to this that many may not see is this is the same problem that manned space flight grappled with; should the spacecraft be fully autonomous or should a human be able to take over partial and/or full control? This can be considered the start of autopilots for planes.

A fascinating book I personally read on the subject, learned a lot about an area of code and design not seen in any other projects.

“Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in Spaceflight” by David A. Mindell (site) (WorldCat)

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