Gaining space on an install in mailing list mode

Trying to recover some space on our server and our email_log table is 2GB
We use mailing list mode so we send approx 2 mil emails a month

Just wondering if there is a supported way to clean this up? I saw a few posts about clearing the email_log table but that can have some repercussion in usability?

Is there a more appropriate place to clean up? I have trimmed our backups down to 1 and that helped. But I need to recoup several gigs.
I am trying to get my storage upgraded but at the moment that isn’t a choice I can easily make.

Any other areas where I can clean up? I have done apt-get autoremove, and autopurge and launcher clean


Did you check the site setting delete email logs after days ?


Yes that’s set to 30 but I still have 2 GB in this table. Which I guess I can live with just trying to find other places to trim.

That is exactly what the setting does, no need to run a console command.

Set it to 15? Maybe 10?

After that, you will need to expand storage in the server.


So I currently have 26GB free which is great, however I’m still ruinning the old PostGre version. Have been having Perf issues lately so I really want to upgrade PostGre but it requires “double” the storage space to do that.
I’ve been limping along with the old one, but I was hoping to get upgraded. I need like a couple of gigs to meet the “double” threshold required by postgre for upgrade.

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Been running the 9.5 postgre template for like 6 months trying to find space… because of the nutty double space requirement. But lately my discourse slows to a crawl for no apparent reason, I don’t know what the issue is but I was hoping to eliminate that as an option by upgrading

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It’s not nutty, it’s just math. The only way to do the upgrade is to make a copy of the database in the new format.

It is a bother, though.

You could do something like move to a new server or add another disk partition (a Volume if you’re on DigitalOcean) to temporarily gain space.

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I’m leaning towards something to do with email. We send out a LOT of email and it seems like when we have a very active topic that’s when sh*t hits the fan.
But I haven’t been able to figure out where the bottle neck is. Usually I end up doing an app rebuild , reboot and it settles out.
But within a few days it does it again. I know this is somewhat unrelated to the OP but if anyone has an idea… I’d love some thoughts.

You might need more sidekiq jobs. My guess is that it’s getting slammed sending all of those emails.

When it’s slow, have a look at /sidekiq. Also you might just need more RAM. How big is your database and how much RAM do you have?

Currently on Digital Ocean I have

DB Size: 17GB

I’d recommend that you bump up to 8GB. And re-run discourse-setup after you do to adjust the memory settings in your app.yml.

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You could also just rely more on offsite backups. I keep 3 local backups and the rest on amazon.


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