Gallery of discourse customization

Hi there,
it is quite a challenge to keep track of possible customization, same as for finding inspirations.
How about creating a continuously maintained gallery showing a best-of (in the Theme Creator)?

So far I have come across Looking for examples of some nice customizations (I want my community look pretty;)), what led me to nice examples like New Relic, FeverBee Experts and Revolut.
This topic isn’t complete as it misses Angus’ Sandbox what shows nice examples of the Topic List Previews and comes with kind of news blog. Another nice example of the Preview plugin can be found in Any live examples of category-specific CSS styling?.
In addition, a reference to Material Design Experiments is also missing.
An absolutely astonishing example is shown in Sharing our experience changing the Discourse UI but no details are given :frowning:.

I made the experience that documentation on #themes isn’t centralized. It is done well for the Material Theme on Daemonite Material Discourse Theme. Moreover I found some simple overview on Introducing Discourse User Themes and some on Discourse Interface Tweaking and User Feedback.

External coding sources are also rare. So far I found only Customizing a Discourse Forum for Non-Coders and Designers - DZone Web Dev. but the documentation in Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes is extensive.


We have a gallery of examples on our website, Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

The #theme category has all the themes, full themes are tagged #theme-full and theme components are tagged #theme-component. There’s also a category for #plugins.

We have theme documentation under #howto:devs with the #themes tag (maybe this tag should be named in a way that makes its use clearer outside of that category).

Are you looking for a gallery where you can see what themes and theme components look like without entering a topic? That’s potentially a customization we can add to our theme category at some point, and maybe an intro banner that explains what I just listed above.

What needs to be referenced? this is a user that was sharing what they were experimenting with on their own site, you’d need to ask them to share their CSS if that’s what you’re after. Same with Sharing our experience changing the Discourse UI.

What specifically would help you? Are you looking for more specific documentation on how to theme certain aspects of Discourse? For example, a guide on modifying the layout of the topic list? General component-specific theme guides are something I’ve been wanting to do.

Do you have an example of another site/platform that does what you’re looking for well? Appreciate the feedback, we definitely want to make things easy to find!


Currently, I’m searching for ideas on how to make the default front-end more attractive, showing that it is more than just only a forum. Sharing our experience changing the Discourse UI and very decent examples of this species.