GDPR in my Discourse site

I am a newbie to Discourse and recently I was asked to incorporate on the company site, GDPR. I would like to guide me if this is enabled first as a site configuration option, if there are plugins for it. I understand that the legal content and others are posted by each company but my question goes to how I activate this in Discourse.

Discourse can be configured to be GDPR compliant, but there’s not anything as simple as a setting that says enable GDPR. Specific compliance can vary by the nature of your organization, where your Discourse site is hosted, etc… considering your site is part of a business, the best way to ensure compliance would be to consult with a lawyer about your specific needs.

There are some things available that may help, for example:


Tagging this #docs-welcome as it would be helpful to have a GDPR overview with @awesomerobot’s answers