Discourse Cookie Consent Banner


(Taylor) #1

This theme component will allow you to add a customizable Cookie Consent banner to your forum. It simply provides an easy way for Discourse admins to make use of the open source Cookie Consent banner by Insites.

Preview at Discourse Theme Creator


There are several settings to help you personalize the banner to your Discourse forum.


Repository Link

If you are unfamiliar with theme components and how to install them, check out the theme installation guide . And if you’d like to learn more about Discourse themes, take a look at this guide .

Legal note:

I am not a lawyer. Please make sure this meets your individual legal needs at the time of installing. If there are ways to improve the usefulness of this component, please share!

Relevant reading:
List of cookies used by Discourse
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(Activist) #2

Thank you, this makes things easier.

(📹Scammer Revolts💻) #3

Just started using this on my forum and I gotta say it’s a super awesome and easy way to add this in! Ty for doing this :smiley:!