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Hi there

I’m excusing myself one post to introduce myself whilst potentially then asking a few questions that may have been tackled before … something i’d be quick to point out as a Mod on another forum using Discourse ; )

The issue as a Mod (Trust Level 3 iirc) with some access to administration toys is that we don’t exactly know what’s feasible for those with access to more toys. The issue there being that the proprietors and staff of the organisation are much less active than the user-community and moderators, so we don’t get to frequently chat … thus coming here, direct to the horse’s mouth.

As moderators there’s often a lot of stuff to keep tabs on, such as new users selling things (potential scammers, it happens !) - we frequently use the tools on the user admin pages (which I’ll not disclose here as it’s perhaps our only lesser known tool) to verify some claims about a seller e.g. … This side of monitoring new users is rather manual, is this something that can be flagged in a more automated way using a feature we haven’t OT can’t see. Plus, on that general axis of looking out for the honest majority of a community are there other tools or techniques that are there to be enabled … perhaps we need to filter out all but the most determined by advocating minimum time and minimum post-count type exclusions … something we have loosely discussed with the site admins ?

On a separate issue altogether … the emojis are something I was passionately against using, but I’ve warmed to (some of) them and I genuinely see the benefit of using some emoji synth as pictorial instructions … very useful and saves a 1000 words !

So, I see that the site admins have implemented their own ‘extra’ emojis - i’d like to suggest or even just tender some more to them to facilitate this pictorial use case … i.e. make some which more accurately(graphically) represent their product elements so an answer can be presented pictorially

Can someone spell out what the format of these elements are natively (transparency ?) so that if those can be rustled up, it’s perhaps just a case of implementing or dropping them in … if these were to form a new category, would it be trivial to implement (remember, I cannot implement, I can only advocate and do prep perhaps)

It reminds me that it would be handy (a FR unless it’s possible) if the emoji palette could be retained when you want to enter a succession of pictorial elements

I notice some of yours are animated (gifs?), is this possible elsewhere too ?

(Jeff Atwood) #2
  1. I am not sure what you are asking for in that paragraph?

  2. Generally emoji should be square and 64x64 with transparency around the outside, unless it is a square. Take :wink: as an example:


Yeah, doesn’t read well … something I can come back to, I’m actually having a lot of issue with severe mis-typing (i.e. pretending I don’t need glasses) and wild auto-corrections from time to time - often I can’t work out what I said. It was a wooly query about moderating tools above my pay grade - it’s hard to know what to ask for when you don’t know what’s there !

And Thanks for the info on emoji format : )