Generating lots of Invite Tokens



There was a misunderstanding about what the tokens do. They won’t solve Robert’s issue unfortunately.

(Christoph) #23

Any chance that public invite tokens will become available? I’m imagining that all it would take is

  1. to allow (certain) tokens to be reused
  2. to make discourse accept those tokens without the email part and instead allow users to enter it on the invite-signup page.

(Robert) #24

@techAPJ @HAWK is correct but as a team you guys are #1

I hope they become available but have no understanding of the complexity,

I do question if a link could be created from a user that might in turn create random tokens when clicked that accomplish,

1, The invite
2, Credit to the poster

BTW I’m thinking we need a return rocket from Mars while you guys are on it :+1: