Generic bbcode wrapper for theme components

I added this feature a while back and realised I didn’t post about it. You can now use a special syntax in markdown to have it cooked and usable in theme components without having to write a plugin.

// wrapped in div.d-wrap
[wrap=baz foo=bar]Content[/wrap]

// wrapped in div.d-wrap
[wrap=baz foo=bar]

// wrapped in div.d-wrap
[wrap=baz foo=bar]

// this one will be rendered as a span.d-wrap instead of a div.d-wrap
a [wrap=baz]Content[/wrap] b

The name of the component will be added as a data-attribute: data-wrap="baz" and every properties will also be data-attributes: data-foo="bar" on the element.

If you want to read about a real world use case, see


Hello Joffrey,

Thanks for suggesting this feature in the other topic.

I was excited to try to use it and see if it worked for my case, however I encountered a problem.

It seems to ignore attribute names that has multiple hyphens in between and defaults to only pick the characters after the last hyphen.

I am using v2.4.0.beta2 +33, I apologize if this has been fixed in a newer commit since.


// No multiple hyphen this works fine: data-bloodmallet="chart".
[wrap=test bloodmallet=chart]Content[/wrap]

// This way it omits "user" from the attribute name and output is data-id="1" instead of data-user-id="1".
[wrap=test2 user-id=1]Content[/wrap]

This following request is optional: Is there a way to not wrap the content inside the div with <p> tag?

Thanks for this feature and hopefully I can use it to fix my problem!

I can fix the first issue

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I just pushed a fix for this, slight difference is that I won’t support foo-bar but fooBar. So you can now write:

[wrap=foo userId=1]

And you will get:

<div data-wrap="foo" data-user-id="1">

Hi @joffreyjaffeux
Thanks for this feature! Do you know the best direction how to add feature for things like

<button class="snipcart-add-item" data-item-id="product-1" data-item-url="/" data-item-name="Product #1" data-item-price="10.99">
  Add to cart

in topics. And generally - to whitelist

class="snipcart-add-item" data-item-id="product-1"

Working example -

You need to decorate your wrap in a theme component, like we do here for example: discourse-placeholder-theme-component/setup.js.es6 at main · discourse/discourse-placeholder-theme-component · GitHub


@joffreyjaffeux Thanks for the awesome advice!

Recently we expanded this to support generic components using:

```customblock param=1

This will be translated to:

<pre data-code-param="1" data-code-wrap="customblock"><code class="lang-nohighlight"></code></pre>

Thus as a component you can use data-code-wrap to determine special handling and syntax highlighting is disabled.

We used this pattern here:

Which is an official mermaid theme component.