Get all posts from topic

Hello there,

I saw this post which says that if I want to get all posts from a single topic, I need to:

  1. Get the topic to get all posts ID ;
  2. Make a second request to get all posts with the ?posts_id[] param.

I really well understand this is a good practice to break up all posts in multiple requests, but when you have 30-40 posts to request, it makes non-sens to use two API requests to get all the data I need.

I do not think so, but is there a way to add a param on the API to say that I want x posts by requests? 20 is maybe a good value, but why not give the availability for users to set 30 or 40 (or 938 maybe…).


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If you pass in print=true like /t/-/{id}.json?print=true it will set the chunk size to 1000.