GET directory_items doesn't work with api-key provided


I was trying to get all users using /directory_items endpoint but what I figured out is that I can’t get it when I provide api-key with ‘read’ permissions.
The strangest thing is that I can get it without any api-key provided at all, so it looks like a bug for me.

Please find my screenshots below:

No auth:

api_key with Topics:READ and Users:SHOW permissions:

thanks in advance for any help!

There is no API scope for the user directory right now, so I’m not sure what “read” you enabled. Topics perhaps?

Scoped API keys will fail on routes that have no scoped defined, because they are meant for restricted use.


by “read” permission I meant Topics: read and User: show scopes.

Okay, thanks for the answer. For now I switched to admin/users/list/active endpoint and use Global Key