Get total list of topics and their view counts from Discourse API

Hello there,

I’m trying to see if there’s a way to reverse-engineer getting a complete list of topics and views for each of those topics via the Discourse API.

Ideally, something as simple as the landing page of a Discourse server with topic names and views in JSON format would be perfect, but from what I can tell from the API documentation there doesn’t seem to be an endpoint that can provide this high level overview.

Is there such a way to get this data in a nice format that I could pipe through to an analytics dashboard API?

Thanks in advance.

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Would Data Explorer work? It’s possible to make SQL queries with Data Explorer and then get the results with the API.


Would be good enough? That includes topic titles, and view count. Docs can be found here.

If you need more advanced filtering, then data explorer is also a good choice as @j127 mentioned :+1:


Thank you both for the suggestions - I’ll start checking out both of them this morning to see what might work. I appreciate it!