View total topics per category/sub category

So I am probably missing it…but I cannot seem to find a quick way to view the number of topics per category? I know I can go into “edit” on the category page, and get the number of topics from that page where it states “Can’t delete this category because it has xxx topics”, but I am hoping to see more than one category at a time (ideally all on one screen). Is this possible to do somewhere?


Why do you need to see this number? What is it useful for?

Anyway, it is visible on the /categories page.

The Discourse I am a moderator on is for a game in active development. In addition to hosting discussion about the game as a whole, it serves as the bug reporting system for the developers. The game has been out in alpha for 2 years now, with coming up on 13 major releases. Before that 13th release we (the moderators) are trying to do a bit of “cleanup” as as the number of bug reports, suggestions, and other topics spike with each release. Being able to quickly see which categories have more topics is good for us to know where to devote our time.

I could be staring right at it, but I don’t see the number of topics in a category here. I see the rate at which there new topics have been created, but not something like “there are 1,234 topics in Suggestions”…

This sounds like a job for CLI (ActiveRecord) or the data explorer plugin. (SQL)

Are you any good and putting together queries?

I do know SQL, so I would be able to queries for that type of data, and I do see that on the admin page, but…1) I am not an admin, and 2) the plugin is disabled.

You might be able to see this in the json data for the categories page. Can
you check @techapj


Yes, the total “topic count” data for each category is present in /site.json endpoint.

@jomaxro search for topic_count here and you will find what you are looking for :smile:


Awesome, thanks!

Now, if only chrome displayed json files in a slightly more readable format…

There are extensions for that :wink:


Just saw this reply…thanks! I found a nice one that does the formatting. Feel free to close this thread up!

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