Get User-API-Key via (OS independent) Go utility

For my purposes I have written a Go tool to obtain a User-API-Key. The utility can be found here:

% ./discourse-user-api-key -h

  Name    : discourse-user-api-key
  Release : v1.0.0 - 2022/10/31
  Purpose : obtain Discourse User-API-Key
  Info    : This program obtains a User-API-Key for a Discourse forum.

  ./discourse-user-api-key -forum=string [-application=string] [-client=string] [-scopes=list] [-nonce=string] [-verbose]

  ./discourse-user-api-key -application=UltimateReaderWriter -scopes=read,write

  -application string
    	name of application shown on forum site (default "GenericDiscourseReader")
  -client string
    	client ID (default [generated unique UUID4])
  -forum string
    	Discourse forum URL
  -nonce string
    	random string generated once (default [generated URL-safe random string])
  -scopes string
    	comma-separated list of access scopes allowed for the key (default "read")
    	verbose output (maybe helpful in case of problems)

Workflow for getting an User-API-Key:
  Step 1: copy forum URL into your browser
  Step 2: authorize application access on forum site
  Step 3: copy encrypted User-API-Key data from forum site in here
  Step 4: save User-API-Key into your key vault

Maybe helpful for others.