Getting Current user route and path

Is there any way to find the current route of user?

for example if user is watching homepage it return something like homepage.

or if user is watching a category with id of 52 (just an example) it returns category 52 or something similar to this to distinguish where the user is.

(I want this for creating a very dynamic widget and it should provide different menu on each page)
(and I don’t want to use window.location.href because url differ from each site to another and I want to create a widget for all discourse sites)

If you import getOwner you can do this:

const path = getOwner(this).lookup('controller:application').get('currentPath');

thank you so much but this have some problem.
for example when I open http://localhost:3000/c/foodwaste/information It showed discovery.category and it didn’t give any information about category

The current route is discovery.category, and the category is known as a dynamic segment. If you need to know information about the category, you can get it from the controller:

const category = getOwner(this).lookup('controller:discovery.category').get('model');

What is the advantage of this over window.location.pathname?

It’s retrieving the actual category model so you can get more than just the name.

Additionally, relying on the path name assumes it’ll never change, like subfolder installs and such.